A N T I      R A G G I N G

Anti Ragging Guidelines


The guidelines to curb the menance of ragging in professional colleges by the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India.

  1. An annual undertaking signed by each student, whether fresher or senior and his/her parent(s) jointly stating each of them have read the relevant instructions/regulations against ragging, as well as publishments, and that if the ward has been found guilty he/she shall be proceeded against, shall be procured.

  2. Such an undertaking shall be furnished in English as well as in vernacular (mother tongue of the parent) at the begining of each academic year by every student.

  3. An undertaking to the similar effect should be obntained every year from each student admitted to the hostel.

  4. The compliance to the above effect shall be ensured by each of the affilliating University to which the concerned Institution is affiliated and would be verified by them annually.

  5. In order to ensure "the ragging free environment" in the campus, each Institution shall compulsorily in the prospectus and other admission related documents, depict the earlier directions of the Apex court and/or of the Central or State Governments as applicable so that candidates and their parents are sensitized in respect of the prohibition and consequences of ragging.